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September 17, 2007


Justin Medlin

For starters, I think you should preach on whatever moves you. I've searched for a very long time for a "church" that I would feel comfortable in. I've always been spiritual, but even to this day I don't have a lot of use for "organized" religion. Personally. I believe that religion should lead one to spirituality, not the other way around. I digress. So what was it about WCC that drew...and has kept both my wife and me coming, as well as bringing our children? Of course there are many things, but an awful big one for me, is the way that you do not preach down on people, but instead use yourself and your own struggles to illustrate what your trying to teach. The non-judgmental attitude from everyone I have met, the humor, all contribute. I should hope that in today's world, Jesus would look down and be glad that people are attending...and _wanting_ to attend church, be it in a suit and tie or jeans and a t-shirt. If God is truly jealous of each of us, his jealousy doesn't stem from a dress code, does it? Veronica, Anna, Logan and I have attended the past 6 weeks straight. We came in on the marriage series and the Vows of Priority, Pursuit and Purity spoke to both of us. The series on Fuel has also fueled (pun intended) more discussions between us. Perhaps though, more than what has occurred IN church has touched me less than what has occurred as of today, outside of church: I got an email saying that three meals had been planned to help sustain the kids, Veronica and I after her surgery. Why is that touching? Because while we have attended, shuck hands, introduced ourselves to others we haven't really gotten to know anyone besides Colin and his wife who introduced us to WCC. Faith, to me, is something that you hold inside, to be true, without having anything that you can point to to support it. Faith was demonstrated today; it was not ill spent.

Preach on what moves you Blake. What moves you should to some degree, be an indicator of what moves your congregation. Notice, I did not say that all of your congregation would _agree_ with you, simply that it is an indicator of what moves them...to think, consider and act upon. Keep tackling the hot issues, the ones you know will draw consternation and anger. You know, the ones that other churches don't talk about? Those move people. I am only uncomfortable at church when you speak when you are speaking on something that I am at issue with, with _my_self. We need to look at those things and if we can't do it in church, then...where the hell do we?

Justin Medlin

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