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July 21, 2008



Thanks Blake - what a hugh honor to share this with you. You have changed the way my family feels about "church". We are better people because of what you have taught us. We will never forget our wonderful 4+ years at Weddington Community Church!
We will certainly miss basketball season as well! The best of everything to you,your family and Weddington Community Church.
Your friend,
Dianne Gile


That is so awesome. I am so excited for AJ. I had only met hime a couple times, and seems like such a humble, sweet kid. We rejoice along with you and the angels!
Christy Tennyson

The Khan

AJ is the man! Deciding for Jesus... best move you will ever make! Live like a servant, live like a warrior, live for Jesus... you the main man AJ... the main man!
The Khan

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